By Paul Warren

Save the Date 8-10 September for XBRL2015

Join business reporting experts from around the word for a three day learning and networking experience that will expand your understanding of the strategies and methods for structured data collection, sharing and use.

Through case studies, interactive discussions and keynote sessions, technology, business and regulatory leaders will illustrate for you the tangible benefits of structured data reporting and tell you what you need to know about timely issues such as CRD IV, Solvency II, Standard Business Reporting and more.

No matter what your perspective or role, our hand-picked experts will facilitate your understanding of the full circle of benefits using XBRL can provide, including open data, greater transparency and reduced filing burdens. Hatch the ideas you need to take advantage of XBRL to meet your business needs, along with the knowledge and contacts you need to put those ideas into action.

Program and Registration information Coming Soon!

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